A performance analysis method for service-oriented cloud applications (SOCAs)


With the memorable start and massive adoption of cloud concepts, infrastructures and platforms, there is a paradigm shift in the IT landscape. That is, IT solutions and services are being developed, debugged, deployed and delivered from clouds to be conveniently consumed by global users via the open and public web. The point is that the web and the cloud resources are smartly combined and leveraged to ring in a series of delectable improvements and improvisations in the ways and means in which IT is being approached, analyzed, and articulated. With the availability of slim and sleek devices in our hands and pockets, the cloud idea is to enter into a totally exotic and eerie phase. One noteworthy derivative out of all these hot happenings in the cloud world is the eruption of service oriented cloud applications (SOCAs) due to the cool convergence of service orientation and cloud paradigms. In this paper, we have explained the performance bottlenecks of SOCAs by taking into account a number of diverse scenarios. Further on, we have presented a new performance calculation as well as enhancement mechanism for this type of flexible and futuristic cloud-based applications.


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